Anti Blue Light Gaming Glasses

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Anti Blue Light Gaming Glasses

Want to look book smart and be proactive about your eye health? Start by blocking harmful blue light from your laptop and devices — all while donning a sleek, modern look with our Anti Blue Light Gaming Glasses.

Whether you’re battling it up with friends on a multiplayer game or winding down with a movie on your computer, our glasses have you shielded from blue light for less eye fatigue and strain.

Catch more Z’s
Fall asleep faster, stay asleep throughout the night, and wake up feeling much better-rested. Filtering blue light helps regulate melatonin production and helps your body adjust back to its natural sleep rhythm. No more tossing and turning at night.

Less fatigue, less strain
Long term blue light exposure is believed to contribute towards macular degeneration, a disease of the eyes that blurs your vision over time. Rather than treating this condition later in life, it’s far more beneficial to prevent it all together. Our Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses help block the constant blue light emitted from electronic devices, helping minimize your risk.

Relief now. Relief later.
And that’s not all. Suffer from dry eyes while in front of the screen? Feel sharp pains after hours of game time? Your eyes are straining to focus on that high-energy, short-wavelength spectrum of blue light. Our glasses block out that blue light, allowing your eye muscles to relax and work less for short-term relief…and long-term relief, the more you wear your glasses.

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Verified Buyer
29 May 2023 20:04

The frame arrived fast and before the deadline! Seems to be of good quality. Proving resistant, I will make new purchase with the store.

Verified Buyer
28 May 2023 18:10

Received well packed. Only one size but the material is flexible and fits with my slightly large head. looking forward to using this product.

Verified Buyer
15 May 2023 12:28

Arrived quickly

Verified Buyer
14 May 2023 20:10

Overall glasses was as expected deal with their supposed to do

Verified Buyer
12 May 2023 01:51


Verified Buyer
28 Apr 2023 09:18

Simple glasses, but it has quality, it really does the protection

Verified Buyer
24 Apr 2023 16:59

these glasses look amazing and they compliment my face and also help me when I'm working at my desk since I spend a lot of time on the computer.

Verified Buyer
5 Apr 2023 01:26

I received this order very quickly

Verified Buyer
24 Mar 2023 15:39

Very fast shipping!!Beautiful glasses.

Verified Buyer
16 Mar 2023 18:50

Thank you, fast shipping and well packaging , thanks so much

Verified Buyer
7 Mar 2023 22:58

They very good do not hesitate to buy them

Verified Buyer
1 Mar 2023 09:08

I love it

Verified Buyer
21 Feb 2023 20:41

Good quality blue light blocking glasses. Arrived on time, according to the store’s promise. Adequate packaging.

Verified Buyer
20 Feb 2023 11:09

Excellent they were suitable for my face to try the filter

Verified Buyer
19 Feb 2023 03:50

nice and fit what store's said

Verified Buyer
17 Feb 2023 11:53

Great pair of glasses. Fit my head very well

Verified Buyer
13 Feb 2023 17:02

excellent quality

Verified Buyer
23 Jan 2023 15:36

Matches the ad, came very well packed is light and the little I used seems to work arrived in 10 days

Verified Buyer
19 Jan 2023 11:06

I ordered two pairs of glasses: matte black and transparent. Packaging was done very well and I have absolutely zero concern that the items could’ve been damaged in transit. The lenses do some with some smudges and fabric strands but a microfiber cloth it provided to remove any blemishes. The matte black pair has a very high quality feel and fits the face well. I was however a little less excited about the quality of the transparent set. The lenses are not as snugly secured in the frame giving the glasses a squeaking noise when adjusted. Additionally the arms bow out much further at the joint making the pair suitable for a wider face. Overall, considering the price point, I am extremely happy with what I received and would purchase again.

Verified Buyer
30 Dec 2022 10:29

I love them!! They look so real. DONT THINK JUST BUY

Verified Buyer
17 Sep 2021 07:21

Very good service. Very good product. Fast delivery.

Verified Buyer
11 May 2021 12:53

Delivery on time, the product as expected, I am satisfied.

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